The Ultimate Guide on How to Market Your Business on Instagram.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram and that number is increasing every year. It’s also a platform where you can connect with your customers in a more personal way, unlike Facebook or Twitter. The main difference between Instagram and other social networks, such as LinkedIn or Pinterest for example, is the fact that it’s a visual network.

Setup an Instagram Business Account:

Before you get started with Instagram marketing, you need an Instagram Business account or an Instagram Creator account. If you already have a personal account, you can skip to step no. 3 of these instructions.

Step 1: Download the Instagram App

Step 2: Sign Up

  • Open the App
  • Tap Create New Account (on IOS) or Sign Up With Email or Phone Number (on Android).
  • Enter your Email or Phone Number and tap Next.
  • Create your username and password.
  • Fill out your profile info (more on this in Tip 4) and tap Next.

Step 3: Switch to a business account

  • Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon at the top right.
  • Tap Settings, then Account.
  • Tap Switch to professional account.
  • Tap Business and follow the prompts.

With so many businesses jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, standing out can be difficult. To help you achieve your goals with this powerful platform, we’ve compiled some of our top tips to get you started.

  1. Use a business account:

Just in case you skipped over the section above and plan to dive into the rest of the Instagram marketing tips while using a personal account, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

A business account gives you access to features you can’t use with a personal account, including:

  1. Instagram Insights
    1. Instagram Ads
    1. Instagram Shopping
    1. Contact Information and a Call to Action Button
  • Have Clear Goals:

Social Media platforms are tools which can’t only be used effectively unless you have clear and defined goals in mind before you start marketing your brand on various platforms.

You need to set your own goal which can vary according to different marketers, including:

  • Create an online presence
  • Enhance Brand Awareness
  • Get Leads
  • Sell Products

As you can see, Instagram can used for variety of purposes. Setting a clear defined goal before you begin marketing is the right way to go.

  • Know your audience

A little preliminary research can help you figure out who you can best reach when you’re thinking about how to market on Instagram. This way you can understand the demographics, interests of their target audience and that can be used to generate a successful marketing strategy.

  • Optimize your Profile

Instagram Bio is the first thing a person sees in your profile. In 150 characters, the bio has to make a great first impression to convey all about your brand and its personality.

There are other spaces on the profile that needs to be optimized which are:

  • Your Name: Upto 30 characters
  • Your Username: Upto 30 characters, included in search
  • Your website: A clickable link to further enhance the brand personality.
  • Contact-info: Tells people where to find you
  • Call to action button: Give audience a way to interact with you.
  • Create Visually Compelling Content

Instagram is a visual media, so your posts simply need to look great. You don’t need professional photography equipment, but your photos and videos do need to be sharp, well-lit, well-composed, and in focus at the least.

Also make sure that you’re not using images that are blurry or difficult to read.

  • The Boom of Instagram Reels

The boost of short video content largely ruled by Tik Tok has taken Instagram by its storm as well. The Instagram answer to Tik Tok is Reels. Reels let you post short video content that enables and enlightens users about the product or service you are selling. This is one of the most successful ways of marketing on Instagram.

  • Explore other features

Not just reels, Instagram has a lot of features that help you in interacting with different types of customers. Make the most of these features to enhance the reach of your brand. These features include:

  • Story
  • Go Live
  • Instagram Shop
  • Interactive Stickers
  • Highlights


Social Media is rapidly becoming a tool of marketers. To market your business on Instagram, you need to know the ins and outs of its algorithm. Use our AI Social Media services to streamline the process of growing your audience and increase engagement.

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