Google Updates 2021 How To Make Sure You’re Not On The Back Foot.

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To provide an effective website, you must follow the latest news and updates for SEO. While there are new updates about the issues, some of the news and updates will help you to improve your website. We are going to share detailed information about the latest Google news and updates and update with solutions about SEO in this article which may guide you.

Let’s look at more detailed information about the latest SEO news and updates in 2021.

Latest Google Updates 2021

There are some new changes that you need to know about the latest Google updates 2021 that have been listed below. You can look at them and have more information about them.

Let’s look at the new updates of Google for 2021.

  1. Rewriting the Page titles

If you follow the updates of Google, you may have noticed that Google changes the meta descriptions in time. The reason why Google is doing that is matching the descriptions with the searches. Google is aiming that people understand the necessity and importance of meta descriptions. Those who are creating the meta descriptions must be sure that they are right for Google and it is the first aim of Google for the meta descriptions at the same time.

Google is rewriting the page titles to make it more visible for search results. But when Google changes the page title, it sometimes causes issues with the original information that was in the title. This situation is important because it affects the reputation of a brand or company, or even a website’s business itself.

On the other hand, Google recognized that there are countless pages that do not have a proper meta description and some websites do not pay attention to SEO. Considering both situations, it is hard to provide the exact need.

To avoid misleading or wrong information on search engines, you should pay attention to the content that you share on your website. This way, you will be able to protect your website as long as you follow the latest updates about SEO.

Besides that, you can also read up on Google’s recommendations for website optimization to make sure your website is set up in the best way possible.

2. Author URL property

Google is going to add a new update that will identify the author of a content or article. The author.URL is a recommended update in Google’s Webmaster Tools for describing your contents or articles with an author name and URL. Google is helping to identify the author with the social media accounts of the author, biography page, and with the about me page on their website. Besides that, Google also recommends you sameAs feature if you are trying to find an alternative as well.

The importance of the author.URL is depending on the author. If you are writing on many different websites, you can give an opportunity to Google to comprehend and follow the articles and the contents on the search engine. Google will be able to sort the articles and the contents on different pages of the author.

3. Image Update

Visuals play a crucial role on the internet and affect how efficiently websites operate. Google has many studies that analyze the interests and tendencies of users and website visitors, with one study focusing on larger images in relation to clicks on main pages. The study revealed that websites using larger images in their main pages receive more clicks than those with smaller images in their Discover sections.

In addition to that, in recent times, the website owners noticed that their websites get more clicks and ratings are increasing when they use larger images on their contents or websites.

If you want to have more people click on your website and make it more effective, you should start adding in high-quality images that are larger in size. Besides that, you can also add meta descriptions if you have larger images on your website. You can also get help from Yoast SEO and learn how to add the plugin to your guide at the same time.

4. About This Result

The other one SEO Updates 2021 in February 2021 is the “about this result” update. Users will be able to comprehend the useful information on the search engine. There are some things that you can see in the “about this result” box that you can follow below.

  • The Language of your website
  • Regions
  • Secure Site
  • First indexed time of the page
  • The term that you searchedx

5. Passage Ranking Update

With the passage ranking update, Google will be able to use the index of the passages, sentences and paragraphs directly. The artificial intelligence will allow Google’s search engine to understand what content is on a page and rank it accordingly.

This update was announced in February 2021. Some of the passages will be shown as snippets and the reason for this Passage Ranking Update is to respond to every question of the users as soon as possible instead of making an effort to scan the related websites for the questions.

After this update, you need to pay attention to some points that you need to have on your website. You need to focus on the long-tail keywords on your content. You should never forget to use long-tail keywords if you are aiming for a successful and effective website that is appropriate for SEO .

The other key factor is high-quality content. You should be certain that you are providing the exact information that the users would like to reach on the search engine.

The Importance of these Updates:

As we know, the competition rate is extremely high on the internet. All of the website owners make too much effort to have better positions and place on the search engines to reach more and more potential customers every day.

You should follow every update and news about SEO to reach your website’s aims. In this way, you will be able to increase the success of your website. For example, if a search engine ranks a webpage in second place, it is directly affecting the traffic of their website as well as the ratings. This situation loses potential customers and visitors from visiting their website

People do not want to be invisible on the search engine, and every website owner wants top ranking. For this reason, you must pay attention to Google’s updates and follow each SEO update. When your site is more suitable for SEO, you will find it easier to rank higher in the search engine.

Besides that, when you do not follow the updates of Google regularly, your website can be affected by the latest updates. When you face with this situation, you should stay calm and follow the steps that you need to fulfill your website.

  • You should check the all pages which are on your website and detect the pages which got decreased. After you detect the pages, you should look at the click rates and the bounce rate of the website. In addition to that, Google’s Search Console will guide you on sorting the pages and the rates which have decreases on your website. You can easily use Search Console to detect the pages at the same time. You need to make your all pages and your website more suitable for SEO.
  • If you are having a problem or decreasing the keywords that you used in your articles, contents, or website, you should check them on SEO and change your focus keyword if it is required. You need to know how to find the best keyword and the focus keyword for your website and the article. Finding the best keywords has a significantly essential role in the health of your website. In addition to that, you should also control the backlinks of the keywords at the same time.
  • You must make sure to minimize the use of pop-ups because they are almost the most annoying thing for users and visitors on your website. Users tend to leave your page within seconds when they face too many pop-ups on your website. So, it is not recommended to use any pop-ups on your website.
  • The main reason you lose traffic is probably because of the videos and the visuals that play automatically on your website. If users or visitors have to face this situation while visiting your website, they are likely to leave your page even without reading the content or looking at other sections on your website as well.
  • You should also pay attention to the mobile availability of your website. We know that almost all of the internet users prefer to reach the information on the search engine on mobile. People who use mobile phones while doing something else and those who don’t like to waste time on websites that aren’t available for mobile. It is necessary to have a website that is suitable for the mobile device, otherwise you will lose visitors and if your website isn’t available for mobile, you should make it suitable as soon as possible.
  • The other thing you need to know is to follow your competitors. You should compare your website with the websites of your competitors that have higher places on search engines than you do. You should comprehend the reason why you don’t have higher places on search engines. In order to get the website forward, you have to catch all of the required points. Fixing your website is not a new one. You can find many sources that will help you with this issue. However, it does not mean that you should copy the pages of your competitors. While improving your website, you should pay attention on being creative and genuine at the same
  • Never forget to use long-tail keywords in your content. Long-tail keywords are specific phrases that people search for when they want information on a particular topic. These are often longer than head terms and more targeted towards the subject matter of the article.
  • You should also optimize your website for Google Passage Ranking as well.


Due to frequent algorithmic changes and updates from Google may lead your website performance to be obsolete all of a sudden. We at AI Advertisment use the AI Powered Tools in such a way that they keep your website updated according to the latest Google Updates so that your website’s performance doesn’t hamper and become better every day.

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