Digital Marketing: 9 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business in 2022

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Digital marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your business. If you’re looking to grow your business, chances are that you’ve already heard that digital marketing is affordable and easy to scale. And you probably want to know how it works. The real question is… how?

In this article, we’re going to show you 9 ways in which digital marketing can help grow your business.

1. Level the Playing Field

Digital marketing levels the field completely. Your business can grow, no matter how small it is now. You can compete with much bigger brands using digital marketing and you don’t always need a huge budget.

One example is how Dollar Shave Club grew to a billion-dollar business in five years. Before they began, razor brands like Proctor & Gamble dominated the industry. But Dollar Shave Club used clever YouTube videos and influencers to grow their business.

2. Cost Effective Marketing

What if you can’t afford to create a $33 million advertisement, but your competitor is? Chanel was doing exactly that because they could. They created an advertisement featuring Nicole Kidman in a brutally competitive market and Aromapre ran Instagram ads.

Aromapre is a new brand of luxury fragrance in Japan. They are making great strides with their aroma oils, leveraging cheap digital advertising to compete with the big brands. Well, at least they are in Japan!

3. Conversion-Focused Approach

37signals changed the design of their Highrise product page.

And the result was an incredible 102.5% spike in conversions.

That’s the beauty of digital marketing. You can A/B test literally anything on the fly and find ways to optimize every part of your sales funnel.

Digital marketing is set apart from traditional marketing by its focus on analyzing data and modifying tactics to optimize conversions. With traditional marketing, it’s hard to A/B test a billboard, so you have to put it out there and throw money at it until it gets some results.

4. Additional Revenue Stream

Digital marketing can help add another revenue stream to your business. We’ve already seen how cost-effective it is and how quickly you can scale using digital marketing. So, it’s a good way to make more money without compromising your original brand.

In order to get the most from eCommerce, you need to make sure that your customers are hooked on your products. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a cart abandonment campaign. These campaigns are designed to keep people interested in buying things from you even after they leave their cart. Many well-known brands, like Ray-Ban, have implemented it and generated amazing results

5. Granular Targeting Options

Digital marketing lets you target a very specific audience by using granular targeting. With this method, only the people you want to reach will be able to see your ads. Not only that, but you can also target a specific organic audience by intent and interest.

6. Communicate With Customers

Social Media provides you an amazing platform to communicate with your customers.

Usually, Twitter is where unhappy customers come to communicate with the brand and the brand replies within a couple of hours mostly stating “move to DMs”.

On the other hand

JetBlue uses its profile to help customers right there which makes it very helpful to other customers who need similar help.

The beauty of this approach is that while all its competitors are busy being self-promotional, JetBlue is just there to help.

7. Generate Brand Reputation

Digital Marketing can help you in generating and creating a solid brand reputation.

For Example, Grindr to stand.

Grinder’s stance was that there is a lot of sexual racism that takes place across the world. Every time someone tries to have a conversation about it, algorithms and manual reviews flag it as “inappropriate content.”

As a dating App, Grindr was the perfect brand to talk about kindness and conversation.

8. Internet of Thing(IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is still a conversation for many small businesses. But that’s the next step in marketing. Many brands are adopting it quickly, and it’s not always easy to join in.

Scriptr used internet of things (IoT) to create Saepio. Saepio is a combination of physical devices and cloud-based apps that help you maintain social distancing. It was the perfect solution for quarantine management and social distancing for their employees and public servants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

9. Mobile Consumers

The average American spends almost 71% of their time on the Internet from their mobile devices. And if you’re not catering to mobile users, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. This is especially true for competitive niches.

Headspace is a healthcare app targeting anxiety sufferers through their Instagram ad. And that’s something you can do for your brand, no matter who you are, who you’re selling to, and what your product is.

Final Thoughts

Growth of a business is vital to keep it running in future as well. While above article has made you understand how you can grow your business, you would also require help of a digital marketing agency that will analyze your growth chart and your deviation from the planned growth. Without such analysis you would be literally blank about what should be your short-term course of action. We at AI Advertisement can help you with such analysis from time to time. Believe us, we are just a call away.

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