Case Study: How AI took over an entire Marketing Campaign

AI Advertisment

In the world of advertising, we’ve seen a lot of new technologies come and go. From QR codes to augmented reality, companies have always been trying to find ways to attract their audience. Most recently, AI has emerged as a very efficient solution for an ad campaign; but is it something that we’ll be seeing more often? Or will it fade away once its novelty wears off?

Before we get into the details, let’s review what AI is. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term used to describe computers and machines that can perform human tasks such as thinking and learning. Although there are numerous definitions for artificial intelligence, most experts agree that it involves technologies that enable machines to do things like interpreting an image or text in a way similar to how a human would.

Lexus, a very familiar car manufacturing brand was working on an ad campaign to instantly attract the customers with an aim of imparting their motto “Driven by Intuition” in their ad campaign. Lexus incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their market strategy. Lexus used the data analysis ability of AI to analyze the data generated by 15 years of advertisements that won awards all over the globe. Using extensive analysis, the AI Agent designed a 60-second short film depicting a car that suddenly comes alive and asks questions revolving around creativity, humanity, and the impact of AI.

The advertisement begins with an engineer who is proud of his creation, an ES model. The car now is to be taken for a crash test and the engineer worries about his creation as he watches with the world on TV. The TV screen shows the fate of the car as it makes its way through rough and rainy roads, there is suspense all over. What is surprising is that the car brakes automatically when it comes near to crashing, showing the main feature of the car model.

Dave Bedwood, creative partner, The &Partnership London who was in charge of designing and creating the Ad for Lexus said in an interview. “I thought I’d be writing an ad with the assistance of AI. Instead, it took over and wrote the whole script,”.

The most surprising part of the campaign was that it was time-efficient as it took the same amount of time any other campaign would take without AI. This campaign took place over a six-month period. The engineers spent this time developing an AI that would learn from data collected from luxury advertising. The data came from emotional intelligence and sensory analysis to determine what clicks with viewers and how it affects audience members. Human intuition was also an important part of the input given to the AI.

The ad was directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald who has previously worked on The Last King of Scotland and Whitney Houston biopic Whitney. The technology partner was IBM and its Watson AI technology. Lexus said that it worked with IBM Watson to create the ad. The company claimed that little work was needed to make the ad effective and that this type of AI innovation will help the company in the future.

Wanna Watch the Video: Click Here

Conclusion: AI has made an impact in the field of advertising and marketing, and is likely only to continue to grow. The process is simple, you let us know your budget and marketing goals, we will use our AI Tools to design the perfect marketing campaign for you. We are currently offering a discount on our services; sign up today!

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