How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service platform that operated via the website and mobile application. 

As of March 2021, there are currently 575 million users on LinkedIn out of which 260 million are Monthly Active Users. Also, a recent poll showed 73% of people were to choose their LinkedIn Profile over their Resumes. Thus, it is clear enough that LinkedIn is a very powerful tool in corporate social platforms.  

As we more and more embrace and incorporate the concept of social distancing, optimizing your LinkedIn Profile has become the need of the hour as it enables business professionals to maintain their online presence similar to a digital resume. As more & more interviews and recruitment procedures are held virtually, LinkedIn has become a very powerful tool for recruiters to find the best possible candidate and also a way for the candidates to check about the company they are applying for. 

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile in 2021 has become an absolute necessity. 

To accomplish your career aspirations, our in-depth analysts and professionals have put together the best tips to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out in 2021. 

  • Be Careful with your Profile Photo and Profile Banner:  

A Picture speaks a thousand words, yet it still amazes us as to how many professionals on LinkedIn use a cropped wedding photograph or use an informal image on a professional website. Neither of which creates a good first impression. 

 Optimizing your profile photo and the banner image is the first in optimizing your LinkedIn Profile to make it stand out and also impart a good first impression to recruiters or colleagues. 

There are various tools out there that allow you to edit, update and properly format the profile image and the banner. These tools include: 

  • Remove background from images (
  • Photo editing and formatting:
  • Canva
  • GIMP
  • Free Image Download: 
    • Pexels
    • Pixabay
    • Unsplash

You can use the above-mentioned tools free of cost to give your profile a properly formatted and professional image & banner. 

  • It’s all about the headline:

In March 2021, LinkedIn updated and reduced the character limit of the headline to 120 characters. As a result, an optimized headline has now become an integral part of your profile. The headline is not you’re your job title but much more than that. It allows you to give a sneak peek into your skillset showcasing what you do, where you do in just 120 characters. 

Start Thinking: Keywords, Target Audience, and your USP.

  • Pack a punch with your profile summary:

As LinkedIn has reduced the character limit of your headline to just 120 characters, the profile summary has become more important. Profile summary is that section of the profile where you explain in detail about skills and should contain keywords relevant to your industry and specific role. The use of relevant keywords makes it easier for the people in your industry to find you. Keep it brief, relevant, and informative. Give extra emphasis on your current business objectives and credibility. Always keep in mind to spin your summary in such a way that your desired connection can find you, be it your recruiter or your potential client. 

  • Showcase your professional work: 

Think of your LinkedIn Profile as your professional portfolio. Utilize the experience section and give a detailed description of your current work. This section is one the most vital part of the profile as the desired connection gets the most detailed information about your professional footprint in this section. Upload media; presentations and videos to showcase your work and relevant experience. 

Never forget to add Dates of the relevant experience as it provides a piece of detailed information to the recruiters regarding your work experience.

  • Obtain relevant References and Endorsements:

Reconnect with your old colleagues and managers to receive references and endorsements. 

A reference is purely a professional recommendation featured on your LinkedIn Profile whereas an endorsement is an added connection indicating your level of expertise in a certain skill relevant to your role in the industry. 

Both of these things impart a certain level of professionalism to your LinkedIn Profile 

The above-mentioned tips will optimize the LinkedIn Profile and give you an extra boost in this so competitive corporate world. 

Just to take your profile to another level, here are some extra tips to stand out even more in the eyes of your desired connection: 

  • Use a professional Profile URL
  • Update your education and certificate section
  • Include your contact information 
  • Be an active contributor
  • Publish your content
  • Check your LinkedIn Profile Strength

Make the most of LinkedIn as a platform by optimizing your profile to stand out in the sea of candidates, sell your skills and validate your accomplishments. You want your page to be visually appealing to visitors while making it easy for them to get a feel for who you are and what you really can do for them professionally. 

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