5 Common Local SEO KPIs And How to Measure Them

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Understanding which Local SEO KPIs matter and how to measure them is essential for meaningful performance reporting.

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What Your Local SEO Reporting Needs to Do

Whether you’re working on local SEO for a small business or a multi-location behemoth, it’s likely that they’ll want to see how local search results are driving business-critical user actions.

Some common questions local businesses are looking to answer in terms of GMB performance include:

  • Whether or not GMB is driving traffic to the website?
  • What number of calls being generating from GMB profile?
  • Are the visitors coming from GMB are important to the business or not?
  • Are the visitors coming from GMB are purchasing or converting on the website?

If you haven’t already worked with your client to develop a “goal charter,” now is the right time. A goal charter defines the goals and objectives of a project. Use this framework in your Local SEO campaigns to define what you hope to achieve.

5 Local SEO KPIs You Need to Know

1. Website Clicks

A lot has been said about the concept of Google as your new home page, and it’s true that Google continues to change and adapt the GMB interface so that a searcher can do many things in the SERP, without clicking through to the business website.

Current GMB functionality includes:

  • Call the business
  • Read Reviews
  • View Photos
  • Check Updates
  • Browse products and services
  • Ask Questions
  • Messages
  • Make a booking or reservation

Although there are many opportunities for Google My Business customers to click on our website link from their GMB pages, we can encourage this by including:

  • A website link
  • An Appointment link
  • New Posts

How to Measure website clicks via GMB

GMB Insights gives us ‘website clicks’ data.

2. Phone Calls

In your business, the phone rings. Someone wants to book something, buy something, or double-check that you can meet their specific needs.

How to measure calls to your business via Google My Business

GMB Insights gives us call data that shows the number of clicks on the ‘call’ button in your GMB listing. Click on the ‘calls’ tab to see calls via the GMB listing for that business over your selected time frame.

3. Revenue

If you sell stuff on your website, it’s likely that people visiting your site via GMB will purchase something.

This revenue is either being attributed to the direct or organic channels depending on where that visitor came from, which device they’re using, their browser or app, etc.

Because we’re in the business of offering local SEO services, we want to make sure that we can attribute any revenue to our work.

How to measure revenue via Google My Business in Google Analytics

In order to track the revenue generated through the Google My Business profile, you will need the UTM tracking parameter set along with E commerce Tracking turned on.

Head over to Campaigns and apply that filter that shows traffic only from GMB.

In the Conversions column, select ‘eCommerce’:

4. Total My Business Profile Interactions

The number of actions taken on your business page is likely to be a useful indicator of performance.

You can find this number by looking at the social tab in Google My Business.

Remember that increased interactions are usually positive, but you should examine the data closely to understand it more thoroughly.

5. Other Goals and Events

Every business is unique. We’ve covered four common Local SEO KPIs that will be useful for many businesses in terms of measuring the efficacy of their efforts.

Based on your goal charter, there are likely a number of goals that you have identified as being important to your business. If you’ve worked out a robust measurement framework, then hopefully you’ll have set these up as goals in Google Analytics.

Other Objectives include such as:

  • Contact Us
  • Sign up
  • Document Download
  • Appointment Booking

Final Thoughts

Local businesses come in many different shapes and sizes. They might be a local ‘mom and pop’ or a multi-million-dollar enterprise. It is important to measure the impact of your marketing efforts on their bottom line so that you can demonstrate your value as a service provider.

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