4 Reasons Your Current SEO Strategy is Failing

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Page two of Google is no man’s land.

If putting your money into an SEO strategy feels like setting it on fire, we’re here to help you. With the rise in online content consumption, SEO needs to be making you money—not taking away from your profits.

Here are 4 reasons your current SEO strategy is failing:

1. Not Using Content Cluster

Content clusters are a great way to create a cohesive SEO strategy. The clusters bundle content together by topic, which makes it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for. For example, this article is part of a cluster about SEO. We have a pillar post with 1,000-1,500-word articles that all link to the main post.

The goal is to create content that will drive visitors to our pillar post, which will have lots of CTAs for our offer. This strategy helps you rank for more keywords (because you have more content for each keyword) while showing search engines that your website visitors love your stuff.

That helps us rank for these keywords and boosts our posts in the rankings.

Write as many articles in your niche as you can with short, punchy titles that contain your keyword and link back to a pillar article. This will help to both increase your ranking and give you more content to work with too.

2. You are not investing in Content

In the past, people could get away with posting subpar content and still get to the top of Page 1. But that’s getting harder to do. And we like it! Bad content shouldn’t be ranking because it’s not giving search engine users a good experience. Search engines are designed to find the answer to someone’s question.

That’s where high bounce rates come in and the search engines deem your content as “unworthy” of Page 1.

5 million WordPress blogs were posted “every day” in Q1 of 2021. You’ll get what you put into your SEO strategy. Invest in your content so that people keep reading it. When they keep reading, it tells the search engines that other people (with the same search query) would like to read this too.

3. Use of Generalized CTA

If you’re getting traffic, but you’re not getting conversions from your SEO strategy—we can fix it. The good news is you’re doing a great job of ranking for your keywords. You’ve come really far and the rest is an easy fix.

What we need to do is take a look at your call-to-action:

  • Is it too general vs. specific to the question that led them to this article?
  • Is it asking people to buy a product unrelated to the article they’re reading?
  • Have you tested different offers?

4. Absence of Artificial Intelligence in SEO Strategy

Artificial Intelligence has been taking SEO by storm and is expected to further play a major part in SEO in the future.

Data Analysis, content creation, automation, keyword research are just some of the areas in SEO where AI has started to show its impact and its role is expected to increase in the future.

We at AI Advertisment tend to solve all your SEO problems by incorporating AI-powered tools from the strategy stage to the implementation phase to churn the best possible results

Final Thoughts

Your SEO Strategies may go old with the pace of changing algorithms of search engines. If you do not update your strategies as per the advancements, your competitors may outrank your business anytime. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to hire a Digital Marketing Agency that would not only update your SEO strategies from time to time but would also work on keeping your search engine ranking intact. AI Advertisment is best in class Digital Marketing Agency that offers AI powered solutions to all your SEO related queries.

Sounds good?

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