Should you buy high quality backlinks for your website in 2021?


A real life example of what happens when you buy backlinks –

Either you’ve been approached by high quality backlink seller or your website is not yet ranking for any major keywords yet!

There are a lot of backlink sellers and SEO Experts who guarantee you top rankings within a month. Don’t be fooled by these false claims. Big brands and companies are not stupid for investing tens of thousands of dollars per month for SEO experts and agencies.

Even, inexperienced SEOs can fall prey to this common scam and this is exactly what happened to u/Jusgil24, a young SEO Expert who paid for high-quality backlinks from someone.

He even vetted and analyzed the websites himself, then decided with the offer to fast track his performance which tanked his website’s rankings.

The Reddit user shared this in r/SEO

When I first started in SEO I created what is known as a lead generation website, and this site was for plumbers in my area and the idea was that I could rank this site before signing a client and then use it to sell leads or rent out the site on a monthly basis once it was up and ranking. Everything was going smooth at first as the site looked good, the internal SEO was great, and even the initial rankings were doing well. But then I decided to do something I never recommend and that’s cutting a corner to hire one of those overseas SEO companies. They had inboxed me a list of high quality sites I reviewed and guaranteed me there were thousands more just like them at a decent price so I decided to give them a shot. For the first 2-3 months my ranking did see an increase but from 4 months on that’s where their real strategy appeared. I noticed my site had plummeted atleast 40-50 spots within two weeks and after reviewing my backlink profile I had noticed why. It turns out they had disconnected all the high powered links and dumped on a bunch or spammy/harmful sites to my website. It killed my ranking and almost even got me a Google penalty while being a nightmare to fix. I disavowed links for over 3 days sorting and removing the bad ones.
It was a tough lesson to learn for the younger “SEO expert” I was, but I think this is a lesson alot of us will have to learn the hard way. Since then I have made a lot of changes to my process haha and I will never cut corners. I’ve been able to successfully rank my clients in a variety of different industries from roofing all the way to CBD stores and the takeaway from all of it is that there are no shortcuts to SEO and quality will always beat quantity especially when it comes to link building.

So, whenever someone approaches you with a list of high quality website with high DA, PA, DR, TR or some other vanity metrics that you don’t know about, turn 180 degrees and run as fast as you can!!!

There are a lot of

Example of a sales pitch

As Daddy John Muller from Google say – Don’t buy backlinks, kids!

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