SEO Case Study: Health and Wellness Niche

AI Advertisment

About the client

Our client was an E-commerce store belonging to the health & wellness niche having physical store in UK selling products such as towels, bathrobes, blankets, kitchen accessories along with personalized gifts.

When the leaders of the E-Commerce store wanted to expand the company’s reach in the digital space and move towards the online marketplace, they brought AI Advertisment and its AI SEO Services as their digital partner to support and promote their E commerce store.

The client had competitive goals for revenue generation and inventory turnover.

The Strategy

As the client was looking for expansion, we at AI Advertisment combined our AI Powered tools and our expertise on digital marketing in order to create a customized strategy revolving around the client’s vision.

The strategy revolved around finding the brand’s keyword sphere for the store to relate to its target customers and execute it to convey the brand authority and its message to the target audience.

Once the keywords and content were set, the next phase of the strategy was set into motion to start a campaign to create a massive link outreach in order to enhance the brands presence on the digital space.

However, this all was executed after a thorough technical optimization of the website according to the algorithmic updates coupled with detailed reports generated by our AI Powered tools to outrank the competition on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

The Campaign

Once the website was properly optimized, the next phase of keyword analysis was put into motion using our AI Powered Tools. The data processing power of the tools was put to use to prioritize the keywords according to the capturable and target audience in order to yield best results. This included organizing keyword targeting campaigns and link building schedules to assist proper outreach to target customers.

The Results

In the first six months of working with the client, AI Advertisment with AI SEO Services has achieved the following goals:

  1. 799K Impressions
  2. £53K+ Organic Revenue
  3. 4.15K Clicks

By designing, deploying and scaling the link building campaigns for the client, AI Advertisment was able to expand and encapsulate the vision and goals of the client. We are motivated to further work and exceed the client’s expectations.

As the client was more than satisfied, the leadership team at the E-commerce store has agreed to continue to work with us on the following services:

AI Search Engine Optimization
AI Pay Per Click
AI Social Media Marketing.

Client satisfaction leads to the work satisfaction for our employees. If the client achieves his targeted reach, we at AI Advertisment are motivated enough to set new goals for his business growth and rigorously work towards his betterment in the digital world.

Overall, a client’s growth is what makes us happy and that happiness turns into motivation for our future endevours.

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