The Ultimate Guide to AI PPC Marketing 2021

AI PPC Bid Optimization. Image from Optmyzr

Research from a recent study by Google on the impact of AI on PPC has shown promise as ads get more engagement, making users 155% more likely to be attracted to a brand.

PPC is a very common abbreviation used to define Pay Per Click Marketing. It is a communal term to define paid marketing on every google platform such as Google search, YouTube, etc. Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the concept of modern digital marketing and any strategy of PPC with the prospect of AI can produce exciting results with utmost ease.

The concept of dynamic & data-driven campaigns is fairly new and the involvement of AI is the next logical step in Pay per Click Marketing as it can significantly help in scaling and automation of the entire campaign.

How AI can Boost your PPC ROI?

ROI or return on investment is a very important factor with which the performance of an ad campaign is measured. This metric allows the marketer to measure the return in the form of revenue or leads (whichever he or she is looking for) as compared to the investment done in the campaign.

The use of AI can significantly enhance the ROI of a campaign by providing data-driven results to better understand the niche, the competition, and user expectations.

Bidding strategies are a vital part of any PPC campaign and can make or break that campaign. The most widely used method of optimizing the bid strategy is accumulating the data over some time to learn about the market and the target audience. This method is highly rudimentary and wastes a lot of investment on just gathering data.

The Hotel Search Platform, Trivago reaped 36% Growth by integrating AI in its PPC campaigns using the concept of Smart Display Ads. All you gotta do is set your budget and your target CPA (Cost per Acquisition), then hand your PPC system to AI and let it work its magic.

Personalized product recommendations over various platforms such as Google Search and YouTube are all the work of AI. For Marketers, AI has open various gates to providing personalized recommendations and its impact will rise exponentially as more and more companies incorporate AI PPC.

How AI can write the perfect Ad copies almost?

Writing or creating the perfect ad copy to accomplish your marketing goals is one of the most difficult and mentally strenuous tasks in the life of a PPC Expert. Various factors such as ROI, CPA, ROAS, target audience, market niche, customer interests, competition, etc are just some of the factors that have to be kept in mind while writing the ad copy. On top of all that, optimum content to gather customer attention in the pool of ads just adds to the stress of creating the perfect ad copy.

Worry Not

AI has slowly come a long way and can now write the nearly perfect ad copy for you after evaluating and analyzing 10s of 1000s of factors that come into play in a PPC Ad Copy.

GPT – 3 is one such AI-based tool that can be used to write content for your near-perfect ad copy. The level of advancement in this tool can rival even a human ability to write content. Just to be extra sure, proof your ad copies with the help of an editor or copywriter before publishing them.

The future of AI and PPC holds vast potential and with every changing world of digital marketing, PPC professionals have to diversify their skill set to incorporate AI in the strategy to reap exponential rewards.

A superior PPC system has both humans and AI working together.

By doing this, you can get the best out of humans and AI together effectively guaranteeing that your PPC system will achieve great things in the age of AI.

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