5 Genius Marketing Tactics to learn from Netflix’s Squid Game

Photo by Jonas Augustin on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, a nondescript Korean show devoid of the usual tropes associated with the K-Dramas that has got the world hooked and became the most watched Netflix show ever and has been in the Top 10 list since it premiered in September.

The Squid Game drama series created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk is a contest between 456 individuals from all walks of life. The prize for winning this game is KRW 45.6 billion, or approximately US$ 38M. Competitors in the game are burdened with huge debts and play a set of children’s games that are well known in Korea, with surprising twists and rules.

The players are sequestered in a giant warehouse, and monitored at all times by guards in masks and pink bodysuits, as they play unto death. Each ‘death’ adds KRW 100 million to the winner’s purse.

Each of the players is at a very high level of desperation, which is their motivation to play the fatal game.

Squid Game takes the children’s game of tag and turns it into a psychological thriller that is suspenseful and graphic. The effect is like sitting on the edge of one’s seat while watching a film, perhaps through gaps in fingers that cover the eyes.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing tactics and lessons for beginners –

Spend your money wisely

One of the biggest responsibilities of a digital marketer is to understand where and how much money they have to allocate. Digital marketing is a major and sometimes the only part of marketing revolving around Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC), etc. Understanding the requirements & goals of the brand and creating the perfect balance of spending money on various elements of Digital Marketing.

From Squid Games, we can clearly learn that its participants are in a very desperate situation because of their reckless money spending and the massive amount of debt they have on them.

Spending money on Digital marketing campaigns is an important responsibility and Digital Marketers should be responsible while spending money.

Take calculated risks

Squid Games is full of gambles & in each and every game, participants take a massive gamble that might take them one step closer to an unlimited amount of money that will solve their issues or will end in death and there are no second chances.

A lot of participants in Squid Games take calculated gambles in every game and complete the task.

Digital Marketing requires you to take calculated gambles that will help you in every aspect such as ranking at the top, creating social media branding and paid campaigns.

Revenue is not everything

Generating revenue is one of the many responsibilities of a Digital Marketer.

From Squid Games, we also learn the same that participants develop cordial relationships among themselves. End of the game, the main protagonist understands money is not the solution, friends and families are.

Just like that Digital Marketers should also learn to generate more than just revenue for the brand.

Brand relations, reputation, customer support, customer feedbacks are just a few of many things those digital marketers should also focus on. These things will help in long term branding of the company.

Never trust Blindly

In Squid Games, we learned not to trust someone blindly as your friend can become a foe immediately depending on personal interests. On similar notes, information regarding Digital Marketing can be easily found on the internet.

It is an important lesson for Digital Marketers to understand the reliability of the source as any information implemented can make or break your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Never trust blindly on any source of content and also look for viable proof so that it can be implemented correctly for the benefit of the brand.

Team Work is Everything

In the third task of Squid Games, we can surely see the importance of Team work as a physically weaker team defeats a relatively stronger team in a game of tug of war. The weaker team containing the protagonist show an amazing team work at every level and clearly delivers a great message that team work can accomplish anything.

On Similar notes, Digital Marketing contains a well-oiled team of SEOs, Social Media Experts, PPC experts, Content Writers, Designers and Developers.

To accomplish each and every goal in Digital Marketing, team work is vital and it is an important lesson for Digital Marketers that can be learned from Squid Games.

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